What some of our clients have said about our services:


“…..E-Writers produced the online user guide for the interface to our new market system and created or contributed to about 300 of our process documents. They were also able to provide some project management and assist with the test phase of our market system.” Senior Manager for a major player in the electricity industry.

“…I am hearing good things about you. You have skills that are hard to come by…” Steve Crump, Manager KiwiSaver Scheme, Inland Revenue.
We had only been on the project a week, when Steve, who was not working directly with us, collared our man in the kitchen to tell him this nice piece of office gossip.

“……E-Writers worked with us for two years, creating a user guide covering every aspect of our operation…” Darrin Harper, Development Manager, Noel Leeming Group.

“…..Nick was a major mover in our documentation department through our LINC days and finally taking responsibility for the development of the online documentation for the Jade Software product “ Keith Cowan, ex-business manager, Jade Software Corporation.